Advertising with

At you have a unique approach for advertising to thousands users at national level or million users at international level.

There are two types of advertising at, so you have three choices

  1. Main background image.
  2. Text and link bellow the messages that sents to vehicles emails
  3.  A compination of first two adverting types

Main background image

At this type of advertising we display at all our application your advertising image. This advertising is most efective to desctops and laptops. This becose of the large screen that theese devices have.

Text and link bellow the messages that sents to vehicles emails

At this type of advertising we will sent with all emails that sent to vehicle plates a text line up to 80 characters with a link. Its the easiest way to say your moto to our applications users and sent your link.

Advertising provisions

  • More vehicles free registration at
  • Promotion throu our advertising program and social media
  • Amount of free stickers
  • Rights to create, print and distribute his logo stickers

More techical informations and informations about our advertisment policy will be sent to you by email


We don’t accept or there is policy advertising about:

  • Illegal Products or Services
  • Discriminatory Practices
  • Tobacco Products
  • Drugs & Drug-Related Products
  • Unsafe Supplements
  • Weapons, Ammunition, or Explosives
  • Adult Products or Services
  • Sensational Content
  • Misleading or False Content
  • Controversial Content
  • Non-Functional Landing Page
  • Surveillance Equipment
  • Cash Loans
  • Low Quality low mental level or Disruptive Content

More informations about our advertisment policy will be sent to you by email